Win big with an enterprise level supply chain at SMB prices

Learn how your SMB supply chain can thrive with specialized resources and improved vendor arrangements.

Why Glovendor?

The supply chain that helps your SMB reach its full potential

G360 Audit

A comprehensive audit to to identify time and cost savings, compliance gaps, quality improvements and more.

Procurement Transitions

Get a better vendor arrangement through our global pool of vendors that best align with your needs.


Have full visibility of your supply chain with regular status updates and transparent factory prices.

Communications Handling

You can rely on our experts to communicate your complex project technicalities and expectations to vendors from all around the globe.

Supply Chain Transformation

Gain an edge over your competition by transforming your supply chain

When it comes to supply chain, there are always ways to reshape and restructure things that best align with your business needs. Some of these things include switching vendors, outsourcing, changing supply routes, renegotiating contracts, modifying packaging and playing with the product technicalities. Here at Glovendor, we do a holistic audit of your supply chain and find ways to up your game that you would have not even realized existed. That’s how you will stand out over your competitors.


Increase efficiency, quality, convenience, and cost savings with Glovendor

We understand what the top priorities of your business are and this is why our supply chain transformation programs are designed to bring you results that improve your supply chain health for the better with crucial cost savings and increased productivity levels.


Look before you leap: why do your supply-chain research now rather than later.


How to significantly cut costs while keeping your supply chain strong and robust.


Start your supply chain transformation today!