How we helped Sutter’s, a family-owned company in Sarasota, FL, restore its faith in international sourcing, thanks to the success we had in procuring employee gifts from overseas.


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Meet Sutter’s

Sutter’s Quality Food is a family-owned business that began as a chicken-egg farm in the early 1960’s.

As their Sales Leader, Tony R., puts it:

“We view this business as more than just selling products at a fair price. It’s our vision and goal to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

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Sutters wanted to reward their valued employees with gifts of customized tumblers. Unfortunately, there were hundreds of manufacturers saying all kinds of different things, so it became a question of (1) whom to trust, (2) how should the project be managed and (3) how to overcome the communication gap.

“If we impress Sutter’s with a few free samples, we can open many new doors and get them to start outsourcing.”

Timothy B.

President | Glovender


For Sutters, we created “the custom journey” which brings together the following four elements:

Seasoned experts who meet face-to-face with the client right from the start and define every aspect of the project so expectations can be met.

Thoroughly vetted vendors who faithfully execute their roles, always keeping in close contact with the client.

Highly experienced Project Managers who ensure that everything is handled professionally and in a timely manner

Ample resources that keep the client one step ahead through updated R&D reports, industry trends, insights and much more. Identifying and allocating resources is key to achieving the game plan.

Delivery: We shared tracking information with the client up until delivery then received their feedback after their shipment arrived.

We assigned a Project Manager to coordinate all the many moving parts involved. He, in turn, brought in a dedicated graphic designer to create and modify mockups for Sutters to review as well as a third-party Quality Control partner. We selected the top-rated tumbler within our network to deliver on product quality. And we promptly provided the client with product samples of such high quality that very little revision was needed, resulting in fast approvals.

We took the above design and changed it to the following:


Sutter’s was so pleased with Glovendor’s performance that they upped the number of tumblers ordered from 600 to 1150! As Tony R. said to Glovendor:

“You saved us money and helped us achieve higher quality.”

Tony R.

Sales Leader | Sutter’s

We also restored Sutters’ trust in global sourcing to the point that they now outsource their main product needs, from hats to ice-cream trucks. And here’s the real kicker: Sutters put their money where their mouth is by actually becoming an investor in Glovender!

We also restored Sutters’ trust in global sourcing to the point that they now outsource their main product needs, from hats to ice-cream trucks.


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