Master your product design and help your supply chain reach its full potential

Maximize profits, optimize production and win clients with a technically sound product design.

Meet your product goals with design research

Work with top rated industrial and product designers to understand industry trends, competitor designs, design options and more to create a product that truly stands out in the market.

Optimize product materials and specs

Collaborate with product engineers and manufacturers to develop products with better quality and performance while maximizing cost savings and space utilization.

Get 3D renders and technical documentation

Convert your vision into 3D renders, spec sheets, and technical files which can be executed by any manufacturer for sampling and production purposes.

Request product mockups anytime

The Glovendor ecosystem provides you with all the resources you need for your supply chain. One of them is a graphic design support to provide you with mockups whenever you need them for sampling and production purposes.

This is not a technical design or spec sheet but a simple photograph of how the product would look like which you can request modifications on until it meets your goals. Mockups help in setting the right expectations and getting your vendors on the same page as you.

Meet our top rated technical and industrial designers and engineers

Laura P.

Sustainable Design Engineer


Jacob G.

Plastic Engineer


Antony B.

Shoe Designer



The importance of a tech pack in manufacturing


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