How a first-time entrepreneur set himself up for success by focusing on his mission while letting Glovendor take care of the rest.


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Meet Pashn

Eric S. founded Pashn to fulfill his vision of creating the true likeness of Jesus and preaching a single verse: ✝︎ Matthew 22:37 ✝︎, which states:

Jesus said unto him, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”

He wanted this message to be expressed through products like hoodies, tumblers and golf gloves.


Being a novice, all Eric had were questions:

“How to start? Who to trust? Where to source products? What about the tech side?”

Eric S.

Founder | Pashn

Fortunately, he was put in touch with the ready-to-deploy, top-rated supply-chain and sourcing experts at Glovendor, who quickly understood his situation and knew how to help.


It’s our practice to always meet with new clients face-to-face in order to begin building trust and familiarity. Meeting with Eric helped us grasp his vision and requirements. Eric’s greatest challenge was locating manufacturers of golf gloves using premium cabretta leather. So we partnered with sourcing agents in Japan and Indonesia who came through successfully.

As Glovendor’s Managing Director Zeeshan R. pointed out:

“Genuine, premium cabretta-leather golf gloves are extremely hard to find since they’re only produced in very few countries. Before Eric, even Glovendor didn’t have a source, but now, thanks to this project, we do.”

Zeeshan R.

Managing Director | Glovender

We also hired branding and tech-pack experts then set up a source-tracking system. When the first samples were shown to Eric, his eyes lit up. Not to say he didn’t ask for revisions, but we were real close right away.

“Glove samples are in! Amazing! Material is awesome. I am so happy”

Eric S.

Founder | Pashn

Once production got started, Glovendor coordinated with the manufacturers, quality-control teams and logistics partners to ensure that deliveries were timely and product requirements were satisfied.

A savvy branding and tech expert was brought on to put Eric’s vision into a technical document that can be used by the manufacturing people. We also made it possible for him to quickly interact with all needed members of the team via a Slack channel.


“Just received the hoodies,” said Eric, “and I can say without a doubt that these are the most comfortable hoodies I have ever worn in my life. Thank you!”

Eric S.

Founder | Pashn

Eric has already sold out his products twice (he re-orders through Glovendor) and has expanded his product line which now boasts of higher quality than ever before. We also spared him the time, money and frustration that accompany the trial-and-error process of going it alone. We’ve freed him up so he can concentrate more fully on his mission.

The story of Glovendor’s relationship with Pashn is only growing stronger as Eric keeps launching successful new products, continues to re-order and keeps planning new product offerings.



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