How Glovendor applied its own muscles and savvy to help Brawn & Fox expand their product line.


Quality Improved


Trial-and-Error Saved


Monthly Hours Saved

Meet Brawn & Fox

Fox, their founder’s name, is long-established within the golfing community and represents the cunning that the game requires. Brawn stands for its physical side, and together they embody a winning golfer in the form of branded sportswear.


Our client, Chuck, had had communication issues with a hat supplier. Samples provided to him missed the marks but he was unable to clearly convey his vision.

Fortunately, Chuck got wind of Glovendor and everything changed.


We instituted Glovendor’s 5-step Optimize to Maximize™ process.

Discover: We held face-to-face meetings with Chuck to develop personal chemistry and to better understand his requirements.

Design: To ensure effective supply-chain management, all client information about the product was compiled into one file, enabling more efficient creation of mockups and design files.

Due Diligence:

  • We gave Chuck a separate Slack channel for each product so he could remain updated on their progress daily.

  • The client was given his own project manager to oversee all processes.

  • We shared the manufacturer’s quote and other details in a transparent manner so Chuck could clearly understand our own quotes.

  • Our in-house tech-pack expert designed shirts that exceeded Chuck’s expectations.

Develop: We consistently monitored supplier performance and progress, kept sample revisions on track, and candidly informed the client of any potential pitfalls ahead.

Delivery: We shared tracking information with the client up until delivery then received their feedback after their shipment arrived.

“In order to address the challenges Chuck faced, communication was the key, and Glovendor was able to beat him to it. Setting the right expectations and being proactive on communication are two crucial elements to the success of any project!”

Mahnoor A.

Procurement Coordinator


Really happy with the team and is pleased with the service overall, so great job to the team!! - Chuck says.

Chuck G.

Founder | Brawn & Fox

We delivered over 1,000 hats to Chuck with a success rate of 100%. Overall, we also ended his costly practice of trial and error by setting realistic expectations right from the start.

Chuck feels so confident in Glovendor’s performance, in fact, that he’s planning to expand B&F’s product line and continue his reliance on Glovender.



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Nashville, TN, USA


Hats, Shirts, Belts, Gloves, Magnetic Towels

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