Build a medical supply chain that keeps humans first

Embrace a healthcare supply chain powered by AI, guided by medical experts, aligned with top-tier manufacturers, and fortified with tools designed to enhance accessibility, accelerate delivery, and elevate outcomes.

Why Glovendor?

The premier choice for brands seeking superior healthcare supply chain solutions

End-to-End Coordination

Get everything you need – from medical product research, design, manufacturing and logistics to compliance assurance.

Cost-effective Solutions

Maximize profits with direct factory pricing and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries.

Real-time Tracking & Updates

Have full visibility of your supply chain and check project statuses from anywhere.

Compliant Partnerships

Collaborate with certified professionals and manufacturers that adhere to HIPAA and FDA standards and have all required certifications.


Your one-stop solution for diverse healthcare procurement needs

Surgical Instruments
Medical Devices
Medical Wear
Hassle-free Procurement

Procure top-quality medical supplies with speed and precision

We understand the importance of timing and precision when it comes to products that are directly or indirectly involved with human life and safety. That's why we help you create supply chains that have all the necessary checks in place to get you the products you need in a timely, safe, and compliant manner. Glovendor’s supply chain experts work with you and our manufacturers, logistics partners, product experts, and compliance specialists to launch a supply chain that stands the test of time and delivers when it's needed the most.

Disruption-free Supply Chain

Ensure lifesaving deliveries through backups and diversification

In today's complex landscape marked by supply chain disruptions, inflation, labor shortages, and geopolitical uncertainty, a resilient and adaptable supply chain is not just a business asset; it's a life-saving necessity. Glovendor provides a multi-layered supply chain approach, designed with global backups and diversified vendor relationships to ensure uninterrupted procurement and logistics, even during crises. Benefit from the precision of AI-driven insights, comprehensive data analysis, and real-time tracking tools that identify potential bottlenecks and activate contingency plans, guaranteeing you timely access to critical healthcare supplies.


Navigate your medical product launch with precision and compliance






Partner with industry experts to conduct comprehensive research on design, quality standards, compliance regulations, and supply chain efficiency.


Obtain and rigorously evaluate samples from qualified vendors, ensuring they meet the stringent quality and compliance criteria necessary for medical products.


Align your product with all applicable local and international regulations by securing necessary approvals, licenses, and certifications. Glovendor ensures no detail is overlooked.


Embark on a disruption-free journey with Glovendor’s compliant medical supply chain solutions. Seamlessly launch your product and continue to scale as your business grows.


Healthcare suppliers and experts are now at your fingertips

Lesley D.
FDA Specialist
Glovendor Verified
Surgical Instruments
General Surgery Instruments, Ophthalmology Instruments
Harley W.
Sustainable Material Consultant
Glovendor Verified
Construction Material
Steel and Aluminum
Carbon Steel Pipes,Cast Iron Pipes, Galvanized Steel Pipes, Concrete Pipes
Ted Cavanagh
Expert in material properties
Sean Pakhurst
Working Gloves Technical Expert


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