Transform your brand with a ready-to-deploy supply chain team

Empower your supply chain department with a proven ecosystem of vetted manufacturers and experts combined with project management.

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Trusted By Leading Brands Worldwide

Supply Chain Transformation

Accelerate delivery by eliminating product inaccuracies and vendor challenges

Put an end to procurement bottlenecks and communication gaps and save crucial time. Work directly with product engineers and supply chain experts to avoid and predict issues and delays before they occur.

Supply Chain Creation

Bring new products to the market smoothly and efficiently

Step into the new age of product launches with Glovendor. Utilize our proven frameworks and collaborate with highly vetted vendors and experts who have helped hundreds of brands successfully research, design, develop, test, manufacture, and deliver new products.

Elevating Brands Globally with Tangible Results


Top Rated Vendors & Experts




Client Satisfaction Rate


Products Sourced


Integrate every supply chain element and collaborator on a robust platform

Boost your supply chain transparency through our interconnected G360 Command CenterTM platform, ensuring your team moves in perfect sync. With our advanced project management features, foster direct communication with vendors and stay updated on production and delivery timelines in real-time.

Top Talent

Work with the best global manufacturers and experts

You don’t have to waste any more time finding the right vendors. Glovendor matches you with the perfect fit vendors that align with your requirements and budget. All vendors go through an 18-step vetting process.


They love us!

"We had a fantastic experience working with Glovendor. The products we procured were of excellent quality and arrived quickly. Glovendor was able to streamline the procurement process and eliminate unnecessary costs. Their customer service was exceptional and went above and beyond to ensure we had a seamless experience."

Tony R.

Sales Leader | Sutters Quality Foods

"This has been a game changer. No question about it. Glovendor has saved us millions of dollars, increased our procurement capacity, reduced risk, and shortened delivery timelines. We are very appreciative of what Glovendor did for our supply chain."

Craig L.

Principal | Rise & Shine Lighting

"Glovendor has helped my 3D printing business scale operations and outsource the manufacturing of our most labor intensive products. Their engineering team is very knowledgeable and understood our complex requirements and helped us design products optimally. They have made communication with overseas manufacturers hassle-free saving us time and money."

Steve B.

Founder | DeadEyeVR

"We had a great experience working with the Glovendor team. We are an 8 figure business that was looking for help locating international manufacturers. I would absolutely recommend them."

Wilson C.

CEO | Clutch Chargers

"It has been great to work with the Glovendor team on my cosmetics supply chain. Everything has been extremely organized. End-to-end research and production management."

Tanya O.

Founder | Bime Beauty

"As a startup, I’m so thankful for the Glovendor team and all they’ve accomplished in helping to set my business up for success! Their team has a unique combination of, not only being professional and highly gifted at what they offer, but they add a personal feel that has made it a real joy to work with them! I highly recommend Glovendor and have referred them to many friends already."

Ryan S.

Founder | Premier Home Services Sarasota

“Glovendor helped me design and launch my first clothing line & tumblers which were a great success. I had no idea how to go about it with my level of experience. Glovendor was great for me as a beginner entrepreneur! We have zoom calls covering everything and I have never had that before. It’s amazing talking to people over a zoom call instead of emails!”

Dallas S.

Founder | Strive

“When we first were looking to source some materials. It was an utter headache, not only was it difficult to find the right manufacturer but it was very difficult with the language barrier to get the exact product we were looking for. We contacted Glovendor for help in these areas and it has been the best business decision we have ever made.”

Darin H.

Founder | Strike Performance Fishing

Glovendor's Internationally Proven Framework

5-step Optimize to MaximizeTM supply chain framework



Uncover the right vendors and solutions tailored to your unique needs



Collaborate with experts to craft a product that stands out in the market


Due Diligence

Stay compliant with regulation and ensure quality control


Seamless and timely product delivery, right to your doorstep



Turn your vision into reality with precision production and expert oversight




Collaborate with experts to craft a product that stands out in the market



Uncover the right vendors and solutions tailored to your unique needs

Why Glovendor?

Here’s why emerging creators and leading brands choose Glovendor

Factory prices

Compliant with international ethical standards


Supply chain visibility and project tracking

Top rated manufacturers & experts from around the world

End-to-end coordination

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