Lay a solid supply chain foundation with industry expert research

Make the right decisions and strategic moves with Glovendor’s comprehensive finding report and expert recommendations.

Gain game-changing insights from Glovendor’s finding report

Also known as the discovery step in Glovendor’s process, the finding report gives you everything you need to know to plan your finances, timelines, and execution steps.


Supply Chain Overview

A bird's eye view of your requirements, budgets, timelines, business goals, and vision.


Vetted Vendor Profiles

The best match vendor profiles with factory photos from our vetted pool of vendors that best meet your requirements.


Price Quotes & Timelines

Price ranges with lead times for your products based on your order quantities.


Technical Expert Recommendations

List of recommendations ranging from product design, engineering and materials to strategy moves and warnings.


Compliance & Risk Review

Advice from compliance and risk mitigation specialists on the health of your supply chain and any required certifications, approvals etc.


Packaging Choices

Best packaging options based on your preferences, product safety, industry requirements, weight and space considerations.


Logistics Options

Approximate price points and best freight options based on your product type, quantities, and weight.


Recommended Project Plan

A list of recommended next steps and project phases that maximize efficiency and meet your objectives.

Did you know?


of SMBs altering their supply chain or searching for a solution.

The supply chain expert edge

Your finding reports are drafted by supply chain experts who are specialized in your product niche and have successfully helped similar brands create high performing supply chains. When we combine your vision with our supply chain expert’s knowledge, consultations, and recommendations, that’s where the magic happens.


Importance of supply chain research before launching a product!


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