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The USA offers many benefits to brands procuring products.

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In the United States, manufacturing accounts for $2.3 trillion in GDP, employs 12 million people, and supports hundreds of local economies. Although that represents just 11 percent of US GDP and 8 percent of direct employment, the sector makes a disproportionate economic contribution, including 20 percent of the nation’s capital investment, 35 percent of productivity growth, 60 percent of exports, and 70 percent of business R&D spending.


AI & automation have started to play a bigger role in US manufacturing and supply chain.

With the increased geopolitical risks with China, many US companies are looking to start sourcing locally.

Made in USA trend is continuously gaining momentum.


Shorter lead times for domestic clients

Affordable for low value/low quantity orders for domestic clients

Higher product quality

Top talent and manufacturing machinery

Superior quality control and compliance

Lower shipping costs for domestic clients

High labor, safety, confidentiality and ethical standards

Better customer service

Made in USA brand value


Very high product costs

Delays due to labor shortages

Lower availability of materials

High amount of bureaucracy

Long credit approval cycles

Top Products




Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage


Technology Products

Sporting Goods


In conclusion, the USA is a great option for you if cost is not an issue and quality and compliance are your first priority. The USA could also be the right choice for you if the Made in USA label is important for your market or you are manufacturing a product which the USA excels at like medical devices, technology products, food & beverage, and so on. It is always a good practice to diversify your supply chain for reduced risk.


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