Empower your 3D printing business with a global procurement partner

All you need to build your ever-evolving supply chain to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer goods industry.

Why Manufacture?

The power of joining forces with traditional manufacturing


Material Options

Time Saved


Average Cost Savings


Maximize profits with increased capacity and reduced time & costs

While 3D printing has its pros, there are limitations like printer speed, high costs, high energy usage, and limited scalability potential. That’s where having a manufacturing partner can really help you keep up with your growing needs and combine your forces with a professional factory which can manufacture your high demand products faster, cheaper and better.


Improve quality and increase your product portfolio with more material options

Getting your products manufactured with traditional manufacturing comes with increased options. There is no limit to what you can achieve with the world’s most advanced machinery combined with Glovendor’s best product engineers and designers. You can choose a lot more materials that can easily be manufactured giving you the ability to improve product quality as well as offer new products that cannot be 3D printed.


Types of 3D-printed products we can help manufacture

Medical & Dental
Automotive & Aerospace
Prosthetics and orthotics
Why Glovendor?

Collaborate with a supply chain partner who understands both your values and needs

Ethical sourcing
Factory prices
Sampling & mold creation support
Product development & testing led by mechanical engineers
Project tracking & live updates
Sustainable & environmental friendly options
Intellectual property protection


How Tech Packs ensure that your design vision becomes a reality.


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