Where is Glovendor based?

Which countries can Glovendor procure from?

Who is Glovendor for?

How do I get started?

How does the process work?

How long does it take to get the right manufacturer and start ordering?

How do I get project and order updates?

How do I access the Glovendor Platform?

Does Glovendor keep my information confidential?

Is Glovendor safe to use?

Does Glovendor work on behalf of the client or the vendor?

Are Glovendor vendors compliant with international ethical and labor standards?

Can Glovendor help me with dropshipping?

What supply chain services can Glovendor provide me?

What is the difference between experts and vendors?

What's the benefit of working with experts?

What is a finding report?

Does Glovendor help with one-time projects?

Does Glovendor directly connect me with my vendors and experts?

If I want to form a direct relationship with my vendor with no Glovendor involvement, is that an option?

What are the benefits of using Glovendor vs doing supply chain in-house?

If something goes wrong with my order, who is liable?

Does Glovendor conduct quality checks on all orders?

Does Glovendor sign a contract with clients and vendors?

Can I do a return, cancel or get a refund on an order?

Can I order samples? Is there a cost associated to it?

I am a first time entrepreneur launching my business. Can I use Glovendor?

Is there a minimum order quantity or minimum deal size that Glovendor works with?

What is the Glovendor Success Center?

How does the Glovendor pricing model work?

Do I get factory prices for my products or does Glovendor markup the products?

How does the money back guarantee work?

How do I know which plan is the right one for me?

Can I cancel my plan?

Are there any hidden fees?

Can I change my plan?

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I get a refund on Glovendor's fees if my project is not a success?

How does you referral program work? Do I earn rewards?