Unlock the power of the G360 Command Center™ platform

Manage your supply chain on a reliable, safe and compliant platform with all the tools, vendors, experts and support you need.


Say hello to your supply chain visibility dashboard

Get access to a user-friendly dashboard for each product's supply chain. Get more insights in to your supply chain with:

Timeline and statuses
Multiple tracking views
Alerts, recent activity, and action items
Supply chain team and communication channels
Supply chain rooms overview

Organize your supply chain in collaboration rooms

Collaborate with vendors, experts, and manage projects, tickets, and files in each rooms. Decide who gets permissions to access your rooms and projects.


Design & Engineering

Keep your product design and technical files in this room. Work on projects with product engineers and industrial designers.



Stay on top of approvals, taxes, duties, permits and quality inspections with due diligence checklists and compliance specialists in this dedicated room.



Find vetted manufacturers and professionally manage and track your production, procurement and manufacturing in this room. Request quotes and samples.



Get shipping quotes, work with various shipping partners and track shipments. Keep your logistics team in sync with production updates.


Take control of your supply chain with powerful features

Get access to all the tools you need in one place.

View and approve requests, estimates, mockups, invoices, reports, modification requests and more on the platform.

Effectively manage projects within your supply chain utilizing a user-friendly project board. Collaborate with vendors and experts and get real time updates and communication channels.

Collaborate effectively with anyone on the platform using the chat feature and get group channels for all your projects. Book meetings with collaborators as per your need.

Create request tickets for your collaborators for any project and track the ticket status using a powerful ticket board.

Easily upload, manage, and share supply chain files. Files are organized within each project inside the rooms.

Stay up to date with real time alerts on your projects, statuses, deliveries, production, timelines, and collaborator activity on your supply chain.

Decide who gets to view and access your rooms and projects. Add and remove collaborators as per your privacy preferences. The controls are yours.


Easily create supply chains for your products

Starting new supply chains could not get any easier. With Glovender's powerful onboarding flow you can select your products, understand compliance requirements, match with manufacturers, product engineers, industrial designers, and set up your logistics in minutes. Collaborate with dedicated Glovender onboarding specialists and supply chain experts to launch a robust and future-proof supply chain.

Request estimates, track billing history, view invoices and securely make payments on our user-friendly platform.

Track your outsourcing journey in real time with progress updates, to-do lists, delivery statuses and latest industry insights.

Easily organize and share files, create and edit documents and access all your data in one place.


Secure your supply chain

Keeping you safe is our first priority. Glovender provides a secure, reliable and compliant platform so you achieve your goals with peace of mind.

Vendor Safety

All vendors and experts on our platform are highly vetted and comply with international labor and ethical standards. We ensure that all necessary documentation is in place and regular safety checks and supervision are carried out.

Payment Protection

Glovender enforces enhanced security protocols to facilitate a worry-free payment experience. This includes using secure payment processing merchants and multi-step verifications.

Intellectual Property Protection

We take your confidentiality and privacy very seriously. We take all the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property and sensitive information. All stakeholders on our platform are subject to NDAs and Glovender's privacy policy.

Fraud Protection

We take comprehensive measures to protect our platform from bot attacks, fake and fraudulent accounts, and spammers. Our measures include authentications, session timeouts, data encryptions and identity verifications.


The support team that is always there for you

Get access to a comprehensive support system when working with Glovender. We ensure that you get the assistance you need in a timely manner.

Supply Chain Experts

Glovender supply chain experts are a great value add to your supply chain. These professionals are project managers with specialized supply chain knowledge and help you with vendor search & selection, project planning, negotiations, risk mitigation, consultations, and act as a focal point of communication between you and your experts and vendors. Supply chain experts are included in our G360 Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated customer service team to help you with any general questions, IT support, onboarding, or billing inquiries. Our friendly representatives are always happy to jump on a quick call or answer any questions via live chat and email during business hours. Our enterprise plan gives access to 24/7 support.

Dispute Resolution

In case you have a disagreement or dispute with a vendor or expert at any stage, we have a dedicated team to assist you and work with all parties to get an outcome that is fair and in accordance to Glovender terms of service and any other applicable agreements.

The all-in-one supply chain platform