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Harness the combined power of product designers, procurement specialists, and dedicated Amazon experts to launch products that stand out.

Why Glovendor?

From concept to delivery to an Amazon warehouse, we stay with you

Top Global Resources

Work with award winning product designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

Factory Prices

Maximize profits with factory prices and skip the middleman.

Real-time Tracking & Updates

Have full visibility of your supply chain and check project and order statuses from anywhere.


Work on our secure systems that protect your ideas and work with vetted manufacturers who comply with international ethical standards.


Product Designers and manufacturers that make unique products

The competition on Amazon is stiff and standing out requires innovation and creativity. Glovendor product designers understand the importance of being unique and work with you to execute your vision and differentiate it from the rest of the market. Once the product designers and engineers provide you with a technical document of your product, we match you with a top rated manufacturer who can manufacture your products and align with your requirements. And the best part is we take care of all the communications and supervision so you have more time to focus on your core business.

Amazon Expert

Dedicated Amazon FBA experts who have helped store owners generate millions in sales

We understand that your journey does not end after you get the perfect product delivered to your warehouse. The next part is to take your store to new heights. That’s where we have Amazon FBA experts who hand hold you through every step from tax exemptions and and store optimization to marketing, ensuring your Amazon store is successful.

Case Studies

Bowen Bootwear

How this horseshoe brand found its niche and keeps getting sold out on their Amazon store

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