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Glovendor Overview

Glovendor is a Delaware Corporation that helps leading brands and emerging creators avoid supply chain delays, accelerate product launches, and maximize profits. Our G360 Command Center™ supply chain software allows brands to easily manage their end-to-end supply chain with the right people, tools, resources and visibility. The platform organizes your supply chain by products providing you with a dashboard to track deadlines, statuses, chats, and stay up to date with pending items.

Each dashboard is further divided into dedicated rooms for product design and engineering, compliance, manufacturing, and logistics where you can access top rated vendors and experts in each specialty, manage your projects, and store files. The platform also offers a guided experience for clients who need help with project management, negotiation, planning etc. with a Glovendor trained supply chain expert.

Glovendor is focused on the consumer goods, construction, fashion, medical, packaging, and sporting goods verticals. Our clients, vendors, and experts come from 50+ countries around the world.

Why invest in Glovendor?

The world’s greatest supply chain disruption in history continues to affect global brands so there is a big need in the market

63% of SMBs are looking for an alternative supply chain management solution and Glovendor is perfectly positioned to fill this gap

Over $2MM revenue forecasted for 2024

A very strong leadership team consisting of serial entrepreneurs, managing director who exited his multi-billion dollar procurement company, ex-VP of Tony Robbins, CPO with 20+ years of Ikea sourcing experience

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