Take your e-commerce store to new heights with a hassle-free supply chain

Focus on growing your e-commerce store while leaving the complex work of finding and managing vendors to Glovendor.

Top Global Resources

Work with award winning product designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

Factory Prices

Maximize profits with factory prices and skip the middleman.

Real-time Tracking & Updates

Have full visibility of your supply chain and check project and order statuses from anywhere.


Work on our secure systems that protect your ideas and work with vetted manufacturers who comply with international ethical standards.

Supply Chain Creation

Easily launch new products for your e-commerce store

If supply chain challenges are holding you back from launching new products on your e-commerce store, we have got you covered. This is where we act as your co-pilot and execute your vision and help you launch new products very fast with our vetted pool of product experts and manufacturers. We have helped hundreds of e-commerce brands launch new products successfully and love doing that because when you win, we win.


Exponentially grow your e-commerce store by eliminating procurement bottlenecks

We know how painstaking it is to find and communicate with vendors and align your expectations. This requires time, effort, and resources which you could allocate towards growing your store instead. This is why Glovendor loves to eliminate the hassle and stress of supply chain so you can not only have peace of mind but also reach new heights.


Your one-stop solution for diverse procurement needs

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How to choose between domestic and overseas procurement?


What’s the best route to ship your products from Point A to Point B?


Let’s revolutionize your e-commerce supply chain