Intellectual Property Protection (IPP)

Your confidentiality is our priority

We understand the importance of keeping your trade secrets safe and taking all the necessary steps to protect your valuable information while it is being passed to different stakeholders around the world to execute your projects. Glovendor implements a variety of stringent measures internally as well as offers you additional resources to add more protection layers if you want.

Glovendor IPP Measures

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

All team members and stakeholders who work with Glovendor and our clients are required to sign NDAs before getting exposed to any sensitive information.

Handling Confidential Information

Glovendor takes all the necessary steps to handle sensitive information with utmost care. This includes training team members and monitoring stakeholders for potential violations.

Online Security

Glovendor uses secure online platforms and systems for communication and document sharing to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our clients.


Glovendor vets all its team members and stakeholders before onboarding to ensure they are compliant with international and ethical standards and have taken the right measures of protecting sensitive information and they don't have any violations in the past.

IPP measures we can help with


Trademarks can protect words, phrases, symbols, and logos that identify one's goods or services. Glovendor trademark specialists can help you file for a trademark.


Copyright registration provides owners with exclusive and enhanced rights. It can help enforce their rights against infringement through litigation and allows owners to seek monetary damages and attorneys fees if there is a lawsuit. You can work with a Glovendor copyright expert if you would like to register.


Patents protect inventions of different kinds for 20 years. The key to a patent's protection is that the invention must be new or novel, meaning you can't patent something that already exists. Glovendor has patent experts that can help you.

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