How Glovendor saved Rise & Shine Lighting millions of dollars and thousands of hours through a vastly transformed enterprise-grade supply chain.

The client called it “A game changer!”


Cost Reduction per 10 container loads


Capacity Increased


Monthly Hours Saved

Meet Rise & Shine Lighting

Established in 2003, Rise & Shine Lighting is a premiere manufacturers representative for southern Nevada.

They were recently given the opportunity to supply electrical conduit boxes to one of world’s largest electrical distributors. But since they lacked knowledge about global procurement and struggled mightily with their supply chain early on, Rise & Shine turned to Glovender for help.

“This is a huge opportunity for us but our biggest concern is production. Due to time constraints and capacity limitations, our current manufacturers are only able to produce 4 container loads a month, while we want to do at least 20 container loads a month.”

Craig L.

Senior Executive | Rise & Shine Lighting


Rise & Shine mainly had to remedy their capacity limitations, trust issues with certain manufacturers, big project-management gaps and high costs overall.


To provide Rise & Shine with the supply-chain transformation they needed, Glovender sent them its ready-to-deploy, top-rated supply-chain team.

Meeting face-to-face. This helped us establish personal trust and to develop a first-hand understanding of Rise & Shine’s objectives.

As Craig Lake put it:

“The fact that we never spoke face-to-face with our current manufacturers was a real concern. This has changed with Glovendor as we get to interact with their team on regular Zoom meetings."

Craig L.

Senior Executive | Rise & Shine Lighting

We conducted in-depth industry research and saw the need to ultimately transition the company out of China to avoid exorbitant tariffs.

“The moment we realized that Rise & Shine was paying 28.5% tariff on these shipments, we knew if we could get that down, this would be a massive breakthrough for the client.”

Bilal Q.

Managing Director | Glovendor

Next was auditing their supply chain which revealed opportunities to renegotiate with shippers, major invoice discrepancies, inadequate manufacturing capacity and much more.

Allocating resources. Glovendor’s supply-chain and R&D team recommended hiring a trade attorney and a customs broker to review the HS code being used.

Sourcing agents would also be needed to find higher-capacity Chinese manufacturers.

In addition to naming a Project Manager for Rise & Shine, Glovendor sent its expert negotiator to reconfigure their shipping contracts and product prices. We also set up a personalized project-management tracking system.

The final steps involved providing the client with samples from the new manufacturers for their approval and launching the newly restructured supply-chain. Upon completion, the client called it a true “game changer.”

HS code reclassification made a significant difference. The client could now use the HS code with a 7.5% tariff instead of 25%. Not only that, all previous overcharges would be refunded as well!

Personalized project management kept everything on track, from deadline management to communications between the client and all vendors.

Renegotiating logistics contracts lowered costs by a whopping 32%. This was on top of the tariff and product-price savings!

We expanded capacity by finding alternate manufacturers. Now Rise & Shine could meet their needs for 20 containers per month.

Our vendor audits generated huge savings by identifying discrepancies and duplicate invoicing.

“This has helped me reduce my workload as there is a lot to manage, including paperwork, audits, invoicing, manufacturer coordination, logistics setup and more. I am really glad Glovendor has taken this over.”

Brandon L.

Principal |  Rise & Shine


Rise & Shine’s increased capacity has generated higher revenue and profits overall.

They enjoy critical cost reductions all across the board.

Their shorter timelines give them added competitive advantages.

Rise & Shine ended the process as a very happy client.

Wow! This is phenomenal,” said Senior Executive Craig Lake. “This is a game-changer, no question about it. We are very appreciative of what Glovendor did for us. It’s getting better and better.”

Craig L.

Senior Executive | Rise & Shine Lighting



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Nevada, USA

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