Need a better hub than China for manufacturing sporting goods or surgical instruments?
Meet Sialkot, Pakistan.

The world of commerce is constantly changing, which means that business relationships that were great yesterday may not so advantageous today – and may be even less beneficial tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

While it is the 12th largest city overall in Pakistan, Sialkot is its second-largest exporting city and third richest. Key to that success is its thriving sectors in manufacturing sporting goods and surgical instruments. In fact, they helped put Sialkot on the map many years ago.

The industry’s biggest players keep their eyes on the ball.

Top-tier companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma and many others have relied on manufacturers in Sialkot to produce a tremendous variety of sports equipment, including but not limited to soccer balls, American footballs, uniforms, sports gloves of all kinds, rugby balls, boxing equipment and much more.

Indeed, Sialkot’s factories produce a remarkable 60% of the world’s supply of soccer balls and are major players in virtually all others areas of sports equipment. Among many highlights: being chosen to supply the match balls for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Speaking of surgical instruments…

This is another sector that dates back over 100 years in Sialkot when local, trained technicians repaired instruments for a variety of British physicians. Today, as a rule, manufacturing involves one-piece forging of metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium and aluminum in a range of designs and sizes. The city’s surgical instrument output totals about $180 million in annual sales.

Glovendor knows the territory.

Even though Sialkot is a great starting point, you would still need to identify which of the thousands of manufacturing suppliers would be best suited for your company’s individual needs.

That’s where a company like Glovendor enters the picture – proven experts in the design and implementation of global supply chains. Glovendor’s capabilities and manufacturing abilities are augmented by the company’s close ties to Pakistan and its specialized team in Sialkot.

They’ll show you how their expertise applies to your company.

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If your business relationships in China (or any other country for that matter) are not what they once were, a small but mighty city in Pakistan just might be the answer you’re looking for. Why not find out?