Whoa! Why you need to hire a technical expert before procuring or manufacturing a product.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying or manufacturing an incredible new product. You think how this product could do wonders for your company’s profitability and presence in the marketplace. You might even picture followup products and company expansion.

Although this degree of enthusiasm is understandable, you run the risk of getting ahead of yourself – ‘way ahead. You need to stop and ask: is it technically viable? Can it actually work as envisioned? Are there any hidden flaws that could prove costly?

A great technical expert can tell you.

Depending on your industry, this expert could be an industrial designer or product engineer. Regardless, they will posses deep, practical knowledge of your product’s specs and sizes as well as the materials used.

Just as important if not more so, they will have a special talent in translating your blue-sky vision into an earthly reality, which will be achieved through detailed, quantifiable, manufacturable documentation. Ensuring its manufacturability results from an in-depth audit of all technical requirements.

Your tech expert will work closely with your manufacturer to resolve any gaps in your design and/or product technicalities. They can suggest alternatives with respect to your current design and/or materials if the existing manufacturer is having to deal with restraints of various kinds or if your lead times, costs and feasibility are being negatively impacted.

Your technical expert will keep on top of things.

You can also expect this individual to stay abreast of industry trends and to anticipate, to a degree, what may lie ahead.

Your tech specialist can also save you time and expense by identifying technical issues before they cause problems. For example, in their eagerness many clients  will jump right to the sampling phase before all the technical aspects are properly defined. This usually results in the need for revisions and modifications, which, needless to say, cost you time and money.

The better tech people in this role can also serve as educators and guides. They’ll help you explore areas of the process you might not know even existed and help you see your particular product from different perspectives and in greater depth. You’ll understand how their recommendations for improvement make perfect sense.

How to find these gems?
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By starting your search with a company like Glovender for a technical expert that truly is, you can be assured of hiring the best and brightest – before buying or making a new product.